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My new job at Wise Earth!

As some of you already know I’ve recently been appointed by my beloved teacher Maya Tiwari to coordinate the online learning component of...


Wild Tumeric Tonic

I’ve been making some beautiful turmeric tonic with the abundant root crop my neighbour gave me last week.  Inspired by...

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Kitchen Sadhana

I’m really excited to be involved in a new project with Wise Earth Ayurveda, as the coordinator for their online...


Yoga of Birth Training

Yoga of Birth a pregnancy yoga teacher training with Katie Manitsas at Sukha Mukha yoga studio in Bronte, Sydney Sat...


Upcoming Workshops in Sydney

Please join me for a couple of events upcoming in Sydney. One is a charity fundraising class for Pasay Pups (which...

mother earth

Nurturing Motherhood

Some reflections on the journey of motherhood, four children and nine years in, on the eve of Mother’s Day here...


Autumn Recipe

When my first son, Christos, was younger one of his favourite foods was soft millet.  It’s a wonderful grain alternative...


A few favourite quotes …

for inspiration and motivation … SHARON GANNON (Jivamukti Yoga): ‘One lifetime is a short time on this earth. I don’t...

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